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SWEDEN – HelloESC interviews Eric Saade! [ENG]

Hi! Thank you for your kindness Eric! We know you very well, because we love swedish music… but maybe italians don’t know you enough… tell us something about you, your career and your song…
I’m a Swedish Pop artist and songwriter. I’ve released one album, but just in Sweden. The next album is supposed to be the debut album for Europe, it’s more electro club pop!

Popular is a pop song with great drums and melodies.

What song would you have voted for, if you weren’t participating in the Melodifestivalen?

I would vote for Loreen – my heart is refusing me, then. :) she was great!

How has it been working with Mr. Fredrik Kempe, one of the most important and known swedish composer?
He is great, he’s a melody genius! I learn a lot working with him.

Finally you’ve reached your goal, to represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest. What are your feelings now? What do you expect from this experience?
Yeah, and it feels great. I’m so excited!
I just wanna do my thing. I wanna show europe what I do the best. You can never know what people likes the most. Music is all about taste. You can’t be the best doing music. But I’m gonna stick to what I do and just give it all in Germany :) .

The glasses on your coreography could be an issue for Dusseldorf, do you have any B-plan to replace them?
No. The performance is not all about the glass. The most important thing is the song, and the feeling you get from the performance. But I’m an entertainer in my heart, so of course I got more ideas. But I think I will get through with the glass. :)

In Dusseldorf you’ll need some proper backing vocals, as it’s forbidden any voice in the instrumental. Will you replace some dancers or you’ll use them for both “jobs”?
Yeah, unfortunately ESC is kind of old fashioned. I just get to work with totally 6 persons, while in Sweden we have 8. That is the biggest problem, because it’s very difficult with that number of people.  But yes. I will need to switch to some dancers that also can sing. I think I will use  great 3 dancers. But I think it will be great anyway. I will try to do a big and really good pop act in ESC!

All the songs have been released, do you have a general opinion of them? It would be a good Eurovision as well as 2009 or 2010? Which countries do you think will be harder to beat in the second semifinal?
I haven’t had time to listen yet. So I can’t answer that one!

Last year you’ve taken part at Melodifestivalen with Manboy, but this time you won with Popular. Which song would you have preferred to represent your country?
Definitely Popular! Manboy is a good breakthrough song for me in Sweden, but not more. Popular has a more international sound, and the performance is more international too. I have been developing my skills since last year. I’m honestly glad I didn’t perform in ESC with Manboy.

What are your plans to promote your entry in the various countries before May? Are you working to a promotional tour, an official video, any particular issue, etc? And what are your plans for the next six months, musically? Using the Eurovision media exposure, will you release a special-edition LP?
I need to write new songs for my upcoming album. So that’s what I do right now.  This week we’re also shooting a musicvideo for Popular. So you’ll see it soon. Otherwise I’m just gonna make sure my performance in ESC is great, and then I hope to release my music all over Europe after ESC.

Which Eurovision song from the past 10 years has been your favourite?
Lena, Satellite!

Have you ever visited Italy? If yes, what did you like most?
No…  But I really want to. One of my biggest dreams is to meet “Ibra”. And now he play football in Milano, so I’m gonna visit Milano and San Siro, I love italian football!

Do you know italian music? What do you think about it?
Sorry I don’t actually. Just some Opera. And I love it!

Would you like to say something to your fans?
Hey everyone! I hope you like my music and me as an entertainer. If you like my song for Eurovision Song Contest, Popular, I really hope you vote! I need every vote I can get! See you all through the TV, May 12.

Love / E.

We wish you the best for the Eurovision Song Contest! We hope you’ll be “popular”! Thank you so much indeed!



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