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Intervju med Eric efter Gröna Lund

Eric, your tour "Made of Pop" slowly comes to an end. How has it been for you and which impressions did you get so far?

Eric: It's amazing! I mean my fans are crazy and I love them so much because without them I'm nothing! So I'm just so glad that I can do this! And I really hope I can do it in Germany, too – in a couple of years! In the autumn, I'm going international! I've been touring in Sweden the whole summer and now in September we're going to the international part so I really hope I can come to Germany!

BV: That would have been the next question: What are your plans for September?

Eric: Yes, I'm going to do something international!

BV: Do you also want to release a new track?

Eric: "Hearts in the Air" is still good on the radio channels in Sweden so we have to wait for a while! I'll release a new single in Sweden maybe in October but "Hearts in the Air" will be my first international single! I hope so because it's a Masterhit and J-Son is great!

BV: It seems, you're working very well together so have you got any plans do to some more tracks together in the future?

Eric: Yes, we actually made one track last week! It's a new song which we wrote together in studio. It will be on Saade Vol.2, the next part of the album which will be released in November. We'll do one more feature because we're like best friends and we were like "Why not? Let's just do it for fun!" The fans like it!

BV: How did you get to know each other?

Eric: It was when we made "Hearts in the Air"! It was the first time we met and we were like Brothers in a day! We just clicked and that's important. I write a lot of songs with him like "Killed by a cop" for example! We've been writing at least four or five songs of Saade Vol.2 together.

BV: Which message do you want to spread when you tell the people to put their hearts in the air?

Eric: Put your heart before your brain! Just hold your heart in the air before everything else. If you follow your heart, you're going to get where you want to get!

BV: How true! Let's turn to Eurovision! Do you notice any changes after the final?

Eric: I don't know actually! I mean, of course Eurovision opened a lot of doors to other countries but it's not so much about "Popular" actually! It has been more about "Hearts in the Air"! It seems like it's getting bigger and bigger and I really hope so because I think it's a smash hit! Eurovision was great but it's all about what you do after it, not about what you do in Eurovision! So it's all about what I'm doing now and where I'm going to get! And I really want to get further! So I keep writing songs and go international now!

BV: Nice! So what is the best thing about being Eric Saade?

Eric: To have these amazing fans! And of course all the fans from Germany, too! They write on my Fanpages every day and I'm answering some of them whenever I can! All my fans are the best thing about being me right now because they give me so much love!


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