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En fantastisk version

 Ni har väl inte missat den här versionen av Sting?! Tycker den är helt fantastisk och kan inte låta bli att ha den på repeat i lurarna. Galet hur mycket talang Eric har! Vad tycker ni om versionen?

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Take A Ride


Ni har väl inte missat att Take A Ride har släppts på YouTube och Spotify?! Vad tycker ni om låten? Jag tycker den är så jäkla bra! Klockren sommarlåt. 

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Take a Ride (Put 'Em in the Air) - preview

Lyssna HÄR!!!

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New single

1 maj idag vilket betyder att Erics singel "Du är aldrig ensam" nu är släppt på ITunes och Spotify! För att göra det hela ännu lite bättre kommer vi att få se Eric framföra den live ikväll på Humorgalan (20:00 på TV4). Missa inte det!

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Jag fick en länk av en tjej på EricSaadeDaily's twitter till det här YouTube-klippet. Tydligen är Erics nya singel "du är aldrig ensam" en cover. Jag hade inte alls lägt märke till det! Här ovan kan ni lyssna på orginalet. Ska bli spännande att få höra hela Erics version av den sen!

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Redan nu kan ni lyssna på 30 sekunder av låten "Du är aldrig ensam" som Eric kommer att släppa för Unicef den 1 maj! Lyssna här!

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Ny singel

Den 1 maj kommer Eric släppa en ny singel som heter "Du är aldrig ensam"!!!

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Stay ute på Spotify

Nu är Stay ÄNTLIGEN ute på Spotify! Se till att lägga till den i era spellistor. 

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Boomerang ute nu

Bommerang släpptes som singel tidigare än förväntat. Den släpptes nämligen redan 1 november. Den finns alltså nu både på ITunes och Spotify. Se till att lägga till den i era spellistor! 

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#1 i Sverige

Just nu ligger Forgive Me på första platsen på den svenska topplistan! Sjukt kul! Verkar som att det är fler som köper albumet än som vågar erkänna det... Lite synd, men kul att det är så många som lyssnar på det! Albumet förtjänar verkligen första platsen!

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Forgive Me finns äntligen på Spotify

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Forgive Me [Official Album Teaser]


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Köp Forgive Me på ITunes

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1 day left!

Imorgon smäller det! Are you reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady? 

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Preview of the upcoming song Cover Girl Pt. 1

Så sjukt bra låt! Älskar början när Eric typ andas, texten och hela soundet. Den här har Eric lyckats riktigt bra med! Vilket låt alltså. Wow. 
Lyssna här!

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Info om live stream av Forgive me!


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Preview of the upcoming song Beautiful!

HÄR kan ni lyssna på previewn av den kommande låten Beautiful! Är ganska så mållös just nu kan jag säga. Älskar beatet, stämman, Erics röst, ja heltheten i låten. Sjukt sexigt när han säger "all right" i början också. Hur sjukt är det inte att Eric alltid lyckas, gång på gång?! Blir bara mer och mer taggad inför albumet för varje preview jag hör. Den här och Boomerang var dom låtarna jag såg mest fram emot att få höra hur dom lät och jag är allt annat än missnöjd. Så sjukt bra båda två! Vad tycker ni om Beautiful?

Såhär skriver Scandipop om låten "An uplifting, mid-tempo r&b ballad that’s all clap happy and stuff. The production on here is A Grade, and Eric sounds smooooth. So different from anything he’s done before, but at the same time not too much of a stretch to join the dots between Saades old and new."

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Scandipop beskriver albumet


There was a time when Eric Saade would release three albums in the space of eighteen months. And three bloody good albums, at that. Nowadays though, he’s taking his time. And after an almost two year wait, next week he comes out with a new album into which he’s been putting a tremendous amount of work (he’s co-written all but one of the thirteen songs on here). And it’s not just his release scheduling that has altered dramatically…….

It goes without saying that anyone looking for another ‘Manboy’ or ‘Popular’ on this album can politely look elsewhere as far as Saade is concerned. But even if you’re looking for another ‘Hotter Than Fire’, you’re still searching in the wrong place. Eric Saade has moved on from where he was two years ago. And inevitably, so has his sound. Even more so than we thought it would. Although, thankfully that hasn’t turned out to be a bad thing. Instead, all grown up as it is, the album is still a solid pop record. And it’s a credit to it that from our perspective – those who would like him to still be recording songs like ‘Made Of Pop’, ‘Fingerprints’ and ‘Love Is Calling’ – we can still be won over by this new album. He’s changed his sound completely. But he’s went about it the right way.

Pop moments like ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Marching (In The Name Of Love)’ sit alongside and merge into mid-tempo r&b like ‘Till I Break’ and ‘In My Head’. And there’s an eighties electrofunk trinity taking pride of place on there too – the ‘Cover Girl’ sisters, and his feature on A-Lee’s new single, ‘Flashy’. Plus, he’s finally mastered the art of the high brow yet high quality ballad – ‘Stay’ is the kind of song that nobody, not even Eric himself, would have imagined a couple of years ago that he would ever make.

‘Beautiful’ and ‘Boomerang’ are our two personal favourites on here though. They’re two songs which manage to form a seamless compromise between the old Saade and the new Saade. Both mature r&b pop songs with an incredible production, and both containing a great big pop melody to shout about. They sort of stand out on their own as something a little bit different to everything else on the album. And if he were ever looking to focus his direction on a specific sound for his next album – we’d nudge (or rather push) him in this way. On the track listing of the album, they’re followed by the amazing ‘Marching’. What a triple threat. And then comes ‘Stay’. Beautiful, wonderful ‘Stay’.

Until now, Saade ballads have fallen into two catgories. Poptastic and brill (‘Someone New’, ‘Break Of Dawn’, and ‘Still Loving It’) and grown-up and bland (‘Miss Unknown’, ‘Without You I’m Nothing’, and ‘Forgive Me’). However, ‘Stay’ manages to put the latter three to shame by being far more mature than they could ever have been, while being so much more interesting and actually managing to hold a tune too. The production is dark and stark, and Eric’s vocal is honest and vulnerable. It’s a haunting song unlike any he’s ever made before. And that middle eight is epic.

That electrofunk trinity of ‘Cover Girl pt1′, ‘Cover Girl pt2′, and ‘Flashy’ is the sound of Eric Saade’s dance floors these days. A modern update on a classic disco flavour from the 80s. It’s a stylish sound, but not at the expense of any substance. Again, the production is intense. And he rises to it and matches it perfectly. We frowned at all that “swag” rubbish he used to tweet about a lot. But it turns out this is what he meant. And yeah, he’s got it.

‘Miss Unknown’ and the title track ‘Forgive Me’ stop the album from being a totally perfect record unfortunately. Had they been dropped, or even better – replaced by two of the more poptastic, ‘Marching’-esque demos he would have recorded for the album somewhere along the process – then it would have been a flawless effort with enough variation to please all of his fans and enough strength to shut the critics up. But those two aforementioned ballads are the dead weight on here. Not bad, just not very good either. We get that he’s a big Justin Timberlake fan, but they ain’t no ‘Mirrors’. And so rather than coming across as an inferior version of Timberlake like he does on these two songs, he should just concentrate on being the great popstar that is Eric Saade. Because if he takes a step down from that – which ‘Miss Unknown’ and ‘Forgive Me’ are – well there’s a queue of his contemporaries who would be more than happy to take his place.

Other than that though, it’s a fantastic album. Not what we expected. And not what we thought we wanted either. But it’s an accomplished record that showcases an extraordinary amount of progression in his sound, yet still serves as an enjoyable listen from start to finish, for someone who has been an Eric Saade fan from Day 1.

As far back in the past as Day 1 seems right now. But we’re not gutted about that at all, as it happens.

Listen out for previews of each of the new songs here on Scandipop over the next week. And on Friday, he premieres ‘Flashy’ – the new single with A-Lee.


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